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"What really counts is what you learn after you know it all."

Here are some of my favorite resources to help you connect with people in more meaningful ways. Please use and share these articles, readings, and tools, for greater learning and success. No sense recreating the wheel, right?


Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating messages and a case for support that is persuasive and compelling. During the National School Foundation Assoc. Conference in Indianapolis, IN I presented a workshop called, "Creating a Compelling Case: Getting to Yes in 50 Words or Less." You can download the slides here. Let me know if these strategies work for you.


Based on Chip & Dan Heath's book, Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, this tool will help you start creating clear messages that are "sticky". This tool has been edited and approved by the authors.

Click the link for a complimentary copy of the Made to Stick Worksheet.


As a professional grantwriter, grant reviewer and former funder, I teach grantwriting workshops for nonprofits. I've compiled this Grantwriting Guide as a helpful tool once the training is over. You can download my tips and tricks for writing successful grant proposals here


What are effective ways to reveal and communicate your organization's value and impact? What do you want people to think, feel and do when they interact with your organization? I recently conducted a workshop for the Ohio College Access Network on ways to create clear and compelling messages using persuasive data and information.  Feel free to download the slides here. Let me know how these strategies work for you.


Do you ever feel like your great ideas are dismissed or not fully implemented? Anyone can lead, no matter where you are in the organization. This article will provide a few tips for Leading With Limited Authority.